1. a buffet meal of various hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, salads, casserole dishes, meats, cheeses, etc.
2. a wide range of something; a variety.
"this page is a smorgasbord of illustrations, photography and one-off designs."

The prompt: Design a poster that creates word resonance that supports the quote chosen. 

The prompt: Read and then design a book cover for a book coming up on it's 75th anniversary.

The Body In The Library is a mystery by Agatha Christie that concerns the investigation of the murder of a young blonde woman.

Wedha-Inspired piece of my sister created in Illustrator.

Andy Warhol-inspired pop-art piece of one of my doggies. Made while learning Illustrator.

Dilly Dally Organic Farm is located in Central Maine.
Logo and Web Design done by Rebecca Wolinski
Website can be found here.

The prompt: Redesign the current US currency with a theme. The theme decided upon was Human Rights. The faces of each respective movement was decided upon after researching each movement and who was a prominent figure in the fight. 

One hundred dollar bill:

 LBGQT rights movement and Harvey Milk

Twenty dollar bill: 

Civil Rights movement and MLK Jr.

Five dollar bill: 

Women's rights movement and Elizabeth Stanton

Doodles & Random

A quick doodle in memoriam of Robin Williams, an inspiration of mine ever since childhood.

Ivan Cash presented at RIT in the fall of 2016. He created "SnailMail my Email" - a website where, for a week, anyone can submit their emails to be written, designed and mailed to the person of their choosing.

Above is a sample of one of the letters I wrote from a girlfriend to her boyfriend over in California.

A quick little ode to my home state - along with fresh, organic blueberries from my mothers farm.

For our 2016 PUSH workshop, we "stole" assets from other designers to create thank you notes, cards and items for the person you stole from. 

As a thank you, I created pillows for the two professors and the guest workshop host, Keetra Dixon.


The prompt: Create a commercial for anything of your choosing. The only catch if that video had to be used in some way. 

As a lover of Nikon, I decided to do a commercial for their old "I am..." campaign. It just so happened that I also had a friend who was planning on proposing to his girlfriend around the same time I was creating this project.

The prompt: Use kinetic typography to bring a quote, song or spoken poetry of your choosing to life. 

As a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, I decided to use the monologue from Snape's first potion lesson in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.


Quick phone shot - shot on LG V10 in the morning.

A notebook-themed couples session - more samples available upon request. 

An "Ice Queen"-themed shoot - more samples available upon request.. 
Styling done by Ao located in Bangor, Maine.

Wedding photography - more samples available upon request.

A family shoot - more samples available upon request.

A family shoot - more samples available upon request.

A shot of a tree blossoming in Savannah, Georgia.

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